Nissan Z reveal: Watch the new Z car livestream right now! – Roadshow

It’s a day many of us have waited for: Nissan finally revealed the new Z on Tuesday night. Well, technically this is what Nissan calls the Z Proto. But worry not, the “Proto” name signifies a lightly disguised version of the production car. A few things may change, but by and large, this will be the next Z. You can read all about the Z Proto right here.

Today’s reveal is mostly about ushering in the next car altogether, so specifics are rather light. Still, a twin-turbo V6 of some form is confirmed and we know you’ll shift power with a proper manual transmission. Those are both good things. We finally get to see what designers concocted, too. The Z Proto is, essentially, a greatest hits album of Z design, and we’re digging the rear. A lot. The front is… a tad iffy, though. That squared-off grille shape isn’t exactly sexy, but we suppose a front-mounted intercooler could look pretty boss there.

We’ll see the production Z debut next year before the new sports car likely hits the streets in 2022.

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