Columbia Sportswear’s new Book of Boba Fett collection is perfect for all weather conditions

Boba Fett

Columbia Sportswear

Winter is approaching in most of the US, and as much as I love my nerdy clothes, most of what I like to wear is not suitable when temperatures drop. The standard hoodie or thin jacket is nice as the leaves change, but not usually what I reach for when the snow starts to fall. Which is why it’s such a big deal to wake up and see Columbia Sportswear just revealed a new line of Boba Fett-inspired clothes just in time for both The Book of Boba Fett and the outdoor temperatures near me to drop. 

According to the Boba Fett page on the Columbia Sportswear page, this collaboration with the Star Wars team reaches into the original artwork for the character and some of the notes about Fett found in the archives to create something unique. The one-in-one Interchange jacket comes apart in layers to reveal more and more of Boba Fett depending on how much protection from the elements you need, including the full page description of the character from George Lucas printed on the inside. 

Columbia Sportswear

The vents on the back mimic Fett’s jetpack, and there’s color in all the right places to make it clear who inspired this jacket. Like all of Columbia’s interchange jackets it’s designed to withstand the cold on the top of a mountain at a ski resort, or you can remove some of the layers and still enjoy it everywhere else. This particular three-in-one interchange jacket will run $450 when it launches on Dec. 3. 

Not ready to drop that much on a jacket? Columbia has a nice thermal hoodie which pays tribute to Boba Fett in a lot of the same ways for $120, and a collection of T-shirts and a ball cap in case you’re living in a place where it never gets cold. 

All of these drop on Dec. 3 either at Columbia’s website or in select Columbia stores, one of which is the Disney Springs location, just around the corner from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. These are undoubtedly some of the nicest Boba Fett jackets and hoodies you’ll see this year, and a cool way to show off your love.

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