Google Wifi Black Friday deal: Kill Wi-Fi black spots for just £50

If an unreliable Wi-Fi connection has been a constant cause of irritation while you’ve been working from home this past year or so, then this low-cost solution to your Wi-Fi woes is pretty much as good as it gets. Google’s smart, user-friendly mesh Wi-Fi system has dramatically dropped to its lowest-ever price as part of Amazon’s many, many Black Friday bargains this year.

For a limited time only, you can currently pick up a single Google Wifi node for only £50, or as a three-pack system for just £140. Compare this to an average price on Amazon of around £87 per router, or £182 for a three-pack, then you’re looking at savings of £37 and £42 respectively. Wowsers.

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The cheapest they’ve ever been, these last-gen mesh Wi-Fi routers might not be as speedy as a newer AX mesh Wi-Fi router such as the TP-Link Deco X20, but when you consider that you could buy three of these nodes for a tenner less than £150, there’s absolutely no cheaper way to banish Wi-Fi black spots in your home.

In our review, we found that Google Wifi was exceedingly simple to set up: you just download the Google Wifi app on your phone or tablet, and it takes you through everything step by step. It also comes with an excellent set of parental controls – dubbed Family Wi-Fi – which allow you to block individual devices manually and also apply schedules to individual or groups of devices.

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As for performance, while it wasn’t the fastest mesh WI-Fi system we’d tested, it wasn’t far off. Tested at close range, the best download speed Google Wifi could deliver was a respectable 73MB/sec. In fact, our only major reservation at the time of writing our review was the price, since it original cost £129 for a single unit or £229 for a twin pack.

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