Snapchat adds layers to Snap Map, starting with Memories

(Pocket-lint) – Keeping its promise to add more functionality – in the form of “layers” – to the Snap Map feature within the Snapchat app, Snap has announced the first two layers rolling out now: Memories and Explore

Snap Map shows Snapchat users where their friends are currently located – if they opt-in to location sharing. Snap Map also shows interesting places to visit and which areas are most popular among Snapchatters. As for Memories, it’s another feature within Snapchat. It’s like a private locker for your snaps, one where Snapchat also serves up highlights from past years so you can revisit and remember old moments. Now, Snap Maps is getting Memories.

Basically, Snap Map will show you old snaps you sent from particular places. So, if you browse your map and zoom in on Orlando, you might find a picture you took of yourself at Disney World a few years ago. Memories in Snap Map are private and only available to you, so you can’t see friends’ memories.

The Explore layer in Snap Maps is like a new version of the heat map, which shows Snapchat activity by volume in a particular area. You can tap on highlighted regions to see public photos and videos from Snapchat users around the globe. To access Explore and other layers, go to the Snap Map in Snapchat and tap the button for the Layers menu in the top-right corner of the map. Then, you can toggle between different layers to access them. 

Snap Map’s new layers are available now for Snapchat users on iOS and Android.

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