These Black Friday Pixel 6 deals are too good to miss

Google’s latest flagship smartphones, the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, only recently launched, but that hasn’t stopped Black Friday from working its magic and delivering some spectacular bargains on both handsets all the same. Specifically, is offering data-heavy contracts for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro at very reasonable prices.

There are several enticing packages to choose from on a range of networks, but to our eyes, there are a couple of obvious standouts. For the Pixel 6, our favourite package is a Vodafone contract that gives you 150GB of data for just £30/mth, with an upfront cost of £35. The best contract for the Pixel 6 Pro is also on Vodafone, boasting a whopping 200GB of data for an upfront cost of £55, and £39/mth thereafter.

Both of these contracts are for 24 months, include the now-expected unlimited minutes and texts, and are based on the 128GB models of each phone. The Pixel 6 Pro is also available in a 256GB model, but there currently aren’t any radically impressive deals to be had on that version.

Browse Google Pixel 6 dealsBrowse Google Pixel 6 Pro deals

As well as a hefty amount of data for your money, you’re also getting one of the best phones currently on the market, no matter which model you decide to go with.

If keeping costs down is your main focus, we recommend going for the standard Pixel 6, though this premium model feels anything but standard. Featuring Google’s new Tensor processor and some of the best smartphone cameras we’ve seen to date, the Pixel 6 delivers quality and performance that far exceed what its price tag would suggest. This is easily Google’s smartest and best-value model yet, undercutting and outperforming the majority of its competitors with serious style.

The Pixel 6 Pro, meanwhile, is the choice to make if you want the best of the best. While a little more expensive than its smaller counterpart, the Pixel 6 Pro is still incredibly well-priced for what you’re getting. Performance is better than ever, also powered by Google’s Tensor chipset, and everything from the camera array to the screen is bigger, better and altogether more luxurious. What’s more, by coming in cheaper than both the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Pixel 6 Pro has firmly asserted itself as the most affordable high-end flagship phone of the year.

Browse Google Pixel 6 dealsBrowse Google Pixel 6 Pro deals

Both of our favourite contracts here are provided by Vodafone, and while overall the network is a bit of a mixed bag, this deal is enticing enough to warrant a second glance. The biggest problem with Vodafone was its customer service scores, while both 4G and 5G impressed us with good speeds and reliable coverage. As the likelihood of needing customer service at all is relatively low with such consistent coverage, we’d still recommend this deal, as you’re unlikely to find better prices on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro this Black Friday.

While we’ve touched on some of the things that impressed us with these phones, we go into a lot more detail in our reviews, so check them out if you’d like to read more about the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro. For other bargain prices on smartphones, you can drop by our roundup of all the best Amazon deals, where we always have a selection of the latest discounts on top models.

We’re constantly updating our hub of the  Best Black Friday deals, so check back regularly to see all the best deals and discounts on everything from smartphones to mattresses to coffee machines and more.

Browse Google Pixel 6 dealsBrowse Google Pixel 6 Pro deals

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