Vodafone deal: The BEST Black Friday broadband offer we’ve seen so far

Vodafone has stormed into the lead this Black Friday with a truly eye-boggling broadband deal: if you sign up for a two-year Superfast 2 plan, you’ll get an estimated 73Mbits/sec for a mere £20 per month. That’s enough bandwidth for two people to stream 4K videos at once, with a 4.5GB download taking a breezy ten minutes. No wonder Vodafone’s calling this its “best-ever deal”. 

But it hasn’t finished there: if you’re a “the more megabits, the merrier” kind of person, Vodafone has reduced its Ultrafast 200 plan to £33 per month on a two-year contract. Not only will you get an estimated top speed of 200Mbits/sec, but it will also deliver an upload rate of 27Mbits/sec – meaning a, say, 250MB collection of photos will only take a minute to back up. 

As is always the case with the most head-turning Black Friday deals, make sure you sign up as soon as possible to avoid missing out on blistering browsing. 

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A potential fly in the ointment is the fact that Vodafone’s broadband scored three stars out of five in our most recent review. While we were impressed by the company’s value for money, it was occasionally let down by its customer support and reliability. That said, 31% of the customers we spoke to said they were very satisfied with the service, with a further 29% saying they were satisfied. 

If that’s a deal-breaker for you, it’s worth examining four-star Virgin Media’s Black Friday offers instead. The company is currently selling its 108Mbits/sec M100 broadband for just £25 per month on an 18-month deal. Given the plan will usually set you back £44 per month, that’s an overall saving of £342. Note that there’s a £35 setup fee, though. 

However, if you’re willing to overlook the slight downsides, Vodafone’s Superfast 2 deal is still the one to beat in the run-up to Black Friday. That’s a stonking speed for the money. 

Buy now from Vodafone

The best Black Friday broadband deals

If you’d like to continue your broadband bargain-hunting, we’ve made life easy for you by rounding the pick of the best offers from the major providers below. For more information, you can head to our dedicated deals page. We’ve also rounded up reductions on everything from smartphones to mattresses in our central Black Friday hub

1. Community Fibre: Get six months FREE on all plans

2. Hyperoptic: Get three months FREE on all plans

3. Virgin: Up to 108Mbits/sec for JUST £25/mth (was £44/mth)

4. Sky: Get 145Mbits/sec for £35/mth

5. BT: 74Mbits/sec for £33/mth

6. Plusnet: Get a rewards card worth up to £60 on all plans

7. EE: FREE mobile boost with every plan

8. Three: UNLIMITED 4G data for £14/mth 

9. TalkTalk: 37Mbits/sec for £21/mth

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