This discounted wireless Bluetooth thermometer is simply a must-have for all homes



You can’t really put a price on peace of mind, but the Trucheck touchless thermometer certainly makes the attempt in these trying modern times. The no-touch thermometer uses radiation-detecting sensor technology and an infrared chip to capture accurate temperature readings without the risk of infection or contamination that other thermometers may carry. Built-in Bluetooth technology automatically syncs readings in the free Truvitals app so you can keep track your family’s health. Plus, if you have a sick loved one trying to rest, you can use Mute mode to keep an eye on temperature changes without disturbing them. Snag this modern medical tool for just $35 at Amazon. 

Within the app you’ll see color-coded alerts for high fevers and be able to share the information with doctors and pediatricians with ease. And the features don’t stop there. Surface mode allows you to check the temperature of objects as well. Whether you’re preparing a bottle, bath or you find yourself in another situation where you need to know the temperature of something, you’ll be able to get an accurate reading to ensure the temperature is just right for the important people in your life. Make health monitoring easy and take advantage of this smart thermometer deal while it lasts.

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